Enzyme Balance and Regulat®

Since almost all body functions are regulated by enzymes, the absence of healthy enzymes prevents important metabolic processes from taking place efficiently.  Regulat® contains vital building blocks foiStock_000013969302Sr enzyme synthesis and thus helps with enzyme absorption. The highly bio-available ingredients in Regulat® provide greater ability for our bodies to achieve a healthy state of homeostasis or balance.

Homeostasis can be defined as the tendency of an organism or cell to regulate its internal conditions so as to maintain health and functioning, regardless of outside conditions. The organism or cell maintains homeostasis by monitoring its internal conditions and responding appropriately when these conditions deviate from their optimal state. One of the keys to achieving and maintaining homeostasis is a healthy immune system.

In such a state the enzymatic processes involved in metabolism, detoxifying the body, immune system functions and repair are also more baWeighlanced.  When in balance, our body’s immune system is stronger too and research shows that taking Regulat® helps support a healthy immune system.
The body’s principle of life and health is based on regulation and equilibrium.