I am allergic to some Regulat® ingredients? Can I still take it?

Fork with Allergy MessageMany of our food allergies – such as to nuts or soybeans – are actually an allergic response to the proteins found in these foods.  Thanks to the cascade fermentation process used to produce Regulat®, these harmful protein chains have been broken down and are no longer present. In addition, other potentially allergenic substances are also converted into much simpler forms.

Patients suffering from conditions that are marked by food allergies and intolerance report high tolerability to Regulat®.  We have also developed a sensitive protocol for those whose general food intolerance is very severe. We have found that once people with food sensitivities start taking Regulat®, the body begins a normalizing process, sometimes called a “healing response,” and over time the system becomes more balanced with less issues.

Happy Senior Couple Embracing In Kitchen.In addition, Regulat with its healthful ingredients may help allergy sufferers over time. Probiotic lactobacilli cell wall components counteract allergy while the increases seen in interleukin­10 secretion, shown in those taking Regulat, also indicates increased protection against allergies. (IL­10 is important in the development of immune tolerance and helps prevent excessive immune reactions.)