Regulat® at the IRONMAN. Got ATP?

Why did Regulat® have a booth at the Ironman® Championships in Kona, HI?  Because we wanted the world’s top athletes to know that there’s a legal way to increase ATP by up to 180%. Yes, a study has shown that after just 3 months, Regulat® can increase ATP by that amount. Former professional triathlete Imke Schiersch was at the booth and provided knowledge, expertise – and lots of enthusiasm.

Imke at Ironman 2014

Energy is needed for all essential processes that take place in the body. The “currency” here is adenosintriphosphate (ATP), which is produced in the mitochondria. It is now possible to determine intracellular ATP levels by means of lab testing, which allows one to draw conclusions about the functioning or dysfunctioning of the mitochondria and the state of the energy supplies within the body. Besides providing more ‘fuel’, as ATP concentrations rise, oxidative and nitrosative stress are reduced. This is certianly an extremely important effect for endurance athletes who push their bodies to the limit.

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