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Vibrant Living Network Features Joel Harper and Regulat

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Show Date has Changed to Nov. 21 – 6-8:00 EST

If you haven’t yet discovered the Vibrant Living Network, now would be a great time to tune in. Glenn Brooks, founder and host of this innovative show about healthy living, will be featuring Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Joel Harper. And since one of Joel’s clients is the world-renowned TV physician Dr. Oz, we’re sure he has an interesting perspective and some dynamic stories to add to the upcoming conversation!

Joel began in the personal fitness industry as a way to stay in shape and fuel his modeling career.  His focus shifted to the fitness side of the business, which has led him to many health products and supplements. Along his journey, he was introduced to Regulat and has become a passionate endorser, using the product himself while recommending to his client base.  He’s looking forward to sharing his experiences and recipes for health when he shares a lively discussion with Glenn Brooks this Tuesday night.

What is the Vibrant Living Network?

The Vibrant Living Network (VLN) is a team of meaningful thought leaders, innovators, contributors, and vibrant hosts who come together to connect with an audience of people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. From whole food nutrition to relational wisdom, vibrant travel, and the maverick path to publishing the VLN team is a visionary media outlet that provides radio, podcast, and video experiences where audiences make a vertical leap together with their host. All vibrant hosts on the network use the principles of Unscripted Speaking to build audience loyalty, forge deeper connections, and create an experience for the audience.

If you’d like to catch Joel and Glenn, you can listen live online at Om Times Radio on Tuesday Nov 14 from 6-8 EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for the live show, it will also be available at the below podcasts:

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The Vibrant Living Network airs a new show every Tuesday night from 6-8:00 EST. Live healthy, tune in and enjoy!