Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Regulat®?
Regulat® pro Bio is made from a synergy of selected organically grown ingredients. Please click for INGREDIENT list
How much REGULAT® should I take per day?
The standard dosage is 10mL (2 teaspoons) twice a day. You can take it plain or mix it with ½ glass of water or fruit juice. Each bottle comes with a measure cap, which makes it easy to determine the required amount.
What if my body is weak? What dosage should I take?
We always recommend speaking with your health practitioner who may be more familiar with detoxification effects. Practitioners may also call us for more information. If your system is moderately delicate or you have digestive or skin issues, you may want to start with 2.5 mL in the morning only, building up over 4 weeks to 10 mL (2 teaspoons) twice a day. You may mix Regulat® with 3 oz. of water or (organic) juice. If your system is extremely delicate or your body is sluggish, or your know you have a high toxic load (heavy metals, pesticide residues), Candida, chemical hypersensitivity, hyperacidity, chronic inflammation or an auto-immune issue, it is recommended that you start with 5 drops once per day building up over 5 weeks to 10 mL (2 teaspoons) twice a day. Again, you may mix with 3 oz of water or (organic) juice.
What does Regulat® taste like?
Being a concentrate of fermented fruits, nuts and vegetables, Regulat® tastes a little like, well, lemony sauerkraut. Some people say it tastes like cider vinegar or kombucha.
Must I take it on its own?
No, you can mix it with ½ glass of water or (organic) fruit juice, such as red grape juice.
Do I need to refrigerate the bottle after opening?
Once opened, we recommend that the bottle be used within a month and kept refrigerated if in a hot climate.
I am diabetic or have a blood sugar problem. Can I use Regulat®?
Regulat® is a balanced formulation that can be used by anyone. As a food supplement it provides nutrition and can be used by those with diabetes mellitus as part of a dietary plan, as well as supporting a healthy digestive system. Studies show that Regulat can be useful for those who have energy issues, a metabolic or related problem, digestive issues, and more. Please talk to your health practitioner about adding this to your diet. Note that Regulat® is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
What if I’m taking other medications?
Regulat® is a food supplement and does not interfere with prescribed medications.
Is Regulat® safe if I’m undergoing chemical therapy (chemo)?
Yes, Regulat® is a food supplement that is easily absorbed by the body and digestive system. Chemo-therapy attacks fast growing cells, which includes the mucous membranes. Therefore many chemo patients suffer from side effects due to this, and some have trouble eating and/or swallowing. Many of the micronutrients in Regulat® are easily absorbed, and in a pre-trial, Regulat® was shown to help support the health of the mucous membranes and digestive tract. In addition, if someone is about to undergo chemo, we recommend supporting the immune and other systems by beginning a Regulat® regime about 3 weeks prior to starting the treatment.
How soon should I see results or know that it is working?
The standard suggested usage is for a 3 month period. This allows first for the release of toxins and impurities, and then the body begins to regain strength and energy as the systems become more balanced and harmonized. Effects will vary as each individual is different, but some people experience results within a few days, others may feel much more energy and vitality after a few weeks or months.
Is it safe to take if I’m currently experiencing allergies?
Yes, depending on the allergy, so please discuss this first with your health care provider. Some allergies, such as a food allergy to nuts for example, is due to an allergy to the long protein chain of the nut. In Regulat® the ingredients (including walnuts and other ingredients) are broken down through fermentation, and so the long protein chains -which are generally the cause of the allergy- are no longer present and so will not have an adverse effect.
Can I use Regulat® topically?
Yes, many people use Regulat® topically by mixing it 1:1 with water and putting in a spray bottle. After spraying onto the affected area, allow it to air dry before covering with clothes. Depending on the ailment (stiff joints, for example) it can also be used as a compress - leave on for about 20 minutes.
How often should I use the spray?
Spray the affected area about 3 times per day.
Will it stain my clothing?
No. But for best topical results, allow to air dry before covering area with clothing.
Is Regulat® safe for pets?
Yes. Animals respond to Regulat® in a similar way that humans do. For cats and dogs -depending on size- use a daily dose of about 0.5 - 1 teaspoons (2.5-5 mL) over 3-4 days. If your pet doesn’t like the taste, you may mix it in with their wet food, wait about 10 minutes, and then the lemony taste will have dissipated. You can also mix Regulat® 1:1 with water, put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it into the pet’s mouth. Or allow the pet to lick it from a small saucer.
How long has it been on market?
Regulat® is one of the most commonly prescribed supplements in Germany, where it has been available for more than 10 years. It is now available in the USA through or from your health care professional.
How will my product be shipped?
We use UPS or FedEx Ground to all 50 states. (For HI & AK, USPS Priority Mail is also an option, depending on size of order). Shipping prices vary based on quantity and destination - use the virtual shipping calculator when you place an order. All orders of 1 case or more qualify for free shipping.
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