Regulat researchResearch

There is ongoing research on the effects of Regulat® products on the human body.

Here is a current listing of available research papers.

Antioxidant and immune modulatory activities in fruit and vegetable extracts after cascade fermentation.
Current Topics in Biochemical Research. 2007 9. 83-97
Hippeli S., Janisch K., Kern S., Olschalger C., Treutter D., May C., Elstner E.

Evaluation of Regulat on physiological effects including immune function parameters and covering marker of redox state and inflammation: a randomised placebo-controlled double-blind study in healthy volunteers.
Dr. Niedermaier Pharma

Observational Study to evaluate the effectiveness of REGULAT® on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Summary page only)
Ulrich Bergmann Dr med

Lyme Disease: A Look Beyond Antibiotics
Dietrich K. Klinghardt. M.D., Ph.D.

Regulatory effects of a fermented food concentrate on immune function parameters in healthy volunteers.
Nutrition, Volume 25, Issue 5, Pages 499-505
Schoen C., Schulz A., Schweikart J., Schütt S., von Baehr V.

Regulat ingredientsRegulates: Cascade fermentation of fruit and vegetables produces functional food with innovative, cooperative properties.
OM und Ernahrung. European Journal of orthomolecular and related medicine 2006/114
EF. Elstner

The effect of Regulat Special Diet – a prospective application study (Diabetic and hepatorenal effects)
Erbacher U., Schöneck, Germany

Regulat brochure

Theory of Pleomorphism

ATP article: TriTime Magazine (German Triathlon Magazine)
How the cells power plants are regenerated

Mitochondrial Medicine: Regulat bio concentrate as an energy booster
OM - Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine 2012; 3:29-30

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