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A simple look at disease statistics shows that our bodies lack fundamental resistance and vitality: of adults over 20 years old, 32% are overweight, 34% are obese, 22% have arthritis, 23% have chronic joint symptoms, 11% have diabetes, 12% have heart disease, 8% have a form of cancer. Source: CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIDDK

benefitsThe enzymatic efficacy of Regulat® has a wide variety of influence on the entire body as well as a local effect on and through the skin. Besides the internal application, it can be applied externally to the skin, offering a wide range of benefits to many areas of the body and bodily systems, including skin, joints, blood, metabolism, digestion, as well as energy and sluggishness problems.

Regulat® products support the body’s own regulatory systems and enzyme balance, promote a healthy blood environment, revitalize and improve energy supply to the cells, neutralize free radicals and support a healthy immune system.* This is why Regulat® products are recommended by so many health practitioners - a survey in Germany showed that on average, practitioners regularly prescribe Regulat® for over 12 different ailments.

View the bookHealth Benefits of Cascade Fermented Foods” by Drs. Blank and Kohler, which outlines more background and some of their case histories.

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