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Regulat® whole food concentrates are made of the finest, selected organic ingredients. USDA Organic certified. (View ingredients)

Unlike some products which are made from isolated active ingredients or certain specific nutrients that have been extracted, our products contain over 20 whole fruits, vegetables and nuts in a balanced form - full of nature's intelligence™.

Imbalance can create many unforeseen consequences and one of the unique advantages of Regulat® products is their intrinsic internal balance and the resulting ability to balance the bodily systems.*

Other BenefitsDifferent and Unique

Give yourself a boost - from the cellular level! The wholeness and vitality of fresh ingredients in every drop - easily absorbed by the body. Read more..

Cascade Fermentation

For thousands of years people around the world have found that fermenting certain foods in a controlled way increases digestibility of the raw food and adds health-giving effects. Read more...

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