Cascade Fermentation

For thousands of years people around the world have found that fermenting certain foods in a controlled way increases digestibility of the raw food and adds health-giving effects. Foods such as yogurt (milk), sauerkraut and kimchi (cabbage), olives, soy sauce and miso (soybeans) are today enjoyed by people around the world. Many of these have specific enzymes not found in the raw state.

Dr. Neidermaier Pharma has taken fermentation into the 21st century. Live cascade fermentation is a unique patented method to create biologically active elements in a natural way echoing the enzyme cascade process in the human body.

Fresh, organic, fruits, nuts and vegetables - in a carefully selected and balanced combination - are activated in a life-enhancing, dextrorotary lactic acid environment, and then transformed and filtered in a series of steps through our patented, gradual fermentation process.

The end-result is REGULATESSENZ®, a balanced, complete, liquid concentrate of valuable nutrients and ingredients, including short-chain peptides and individual amino acids. The concentrate is full of life force, easily assimilated, and the body can begin utilizing it immediately. REGULATESSENZ® is the dynamic constituent of all Regulat products from Dr. Niedermaier Pharma. It is the original essence for better quality of life. The secret of REGULATESSENZ® lies in its production using the original cascade fermentation process. In this modern digestion process, plant ingredients from organic cultivation are broken down to the molecular level in several fermentation stages.

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Give yourself a boost - from the cellular level! The wholeness and vitality of fresh ingredients in every drop - easily absorbed by the body. Read more...


Regulat® whole food concentrates are made of the finest, selected organic ingredients. Read more...

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