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The body has many systems – circulatory, digestive,metabolic, endocrine, etc. Lifestyle, foods, medication etc. can causes imbalances which lead to other imbalances. Can Regulat® help balance these systems?

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There’s been a lot written recently about products that ‘BOOST’ your immune system, and people have been online intensely buying these so-called ‘immune-boosting’ products.

So let’s take a few steps back and look at what some experts say about a system that is ‘boosted’ and/or is over-active or over-reacts.

“A “boost” … would not be a good thing. Scientifically, it would mean your immune system was overactive, and overactive immune systems lead to autoimmune disorders.” Washington Post1

”These excessive immune responses can cause respiratory failure and death…This is also why we should talk about supporting rather than boosting the immune system, as an overactive immune response can be as risky as an underactive one.” Dr. Tim Spector, Genetic Epidemiologist 2

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, it may not be advisable to use mushrooms, elderberry or probiotics that stimulate innate immune function….Once pneumonia develops and disease severity increases, the role of the immune system changes. Much of the damage is due to over activity of immune responses, what is termed a “cytokine storm.” Dr. Leo Galland 3

“…if our immune system has an uncontrolled high activity of pro-inflammatory cytokine release, (it leads) to the so called “cytokine storm”, which is only possible if due to the lack of anti-inflammatory downregulating pathways (to counteract pro-inflammatory cytokines), our immune system is exploited…and not working the way it should.” Alpstein Clinic, Switzerland

How does REGULAT® work?
There have been numerous studies on Regulat® showing its effects on helping balance the immune system. In one study, effects were even shown to continue many months after the subjects stopped taking Regulat. It should thus be no surprise that Regulat has been shown to assist release of cytokines after the body gets an infection or noxious agent. In addition, research by Dr. med. Volcker von Baehr of the IMD Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik Berlin-Potsdam indicates that it can assist in the release of anti-inflammatory/immune dampening cytokines (such as IL-10 or the IL-1 Receptor Antagonist). Without such strong dampening/braking cytokines, the immune reaction may possibly not be stabilized.

Diagram: Balance is better than Boost

This diagram shows that a balanced immune system is better in the long-term than one that is either over-reactive or under-reactive, and gives clues to many of the maladies facing people around the world these days. This is why, instead of trying to boost the immune system, many practitioners look to create balance, to help strengthen, support or regulate the system. In the words of Dr. von Baehr, the objective is IMMUNE-RESTORATION.



Regulat® pro Bio ‘Swing Therapy’

“It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing….doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah…”  A true classic surviving through the ages.

So whether you grew up during the “swing generation” or you have kids or grandkids playing on swings, many of us can benefit from a little ‘Swing therapy’ with Regulat®!

What is Regulat pro Bio?

It is unique cascade fermented liquid concentrate derived from fresh organic fruit, vegetables and nuts—plus it’s LOADED with natural Vitamin C (organic acerola extract). It is one of only 5 finalists in the 2018 Eco-Excellence Awards Raw & Fermented Foods category.  Voting now open through August 31, 2018.  Just click on the Finalist Badge!

Taken orally, this nutrient-rich elixir provides support for many conditions including:

  • Arthritic and joint problems
  • Autoimmune imbalances
  • Bowel and intestinal issues
  • Circulation problems
  • Congestion
  • Lack of sleep
  • Respiratory system
  • Skin and mucous membranes
  • Sluggishness, exhaustion, energy issues
  • Allergies, and more…

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can also apply Regulat pro Bio topically. It may provide some relief for minor skin wounds (cuts, scrapes & burns), skin problems (neurodermatitis & psoriasis), herpes, warts, fungal infections, joint pain…and can even use as a nose spray for colds and allergies (1:3 diluted with water)

Tell Me More About Swing Therapy

Thought you’d never ask!  The type of “Swing Therapy” we’re referring to is great for those who are of normal health, or may have evidence of an ailment building up, as a strong preventive detoxification and deacidification program. (Those with HIGH SENSITIVITY – High toxic load, toxic metals, pesticide residues, Candidiasis, Multiple chemical hypersensitivity, Hyperacidity, Chronic inflammation, Auto-immune ailments, etc. – should do a different protocol, starting with just 3-5 drops once a day.)

Here’s our recommended Regulat pro Bio ‘Swing Therapy’ Regime:

Day   Amount of Regulat pro Bio
1-3 15 ml every morning (before breakfast)
4-13 15 ml every morning and evening
Week 3 30 ml every morning and evening
Week 4 30 ml every morning, noon and evening
Week 5 30 ml every morning and evening
Week 6 15 ml every morning and evening

GENERAL CLEANSING GUIDELINES If you experience discomfort due to toxins being released – skin outbreaks, mucous, muscle pain, etc. – then simply halve the dosage or stop taking Regulat for 1-2 days until healing actions subside.

  • In the beginning, you may wish to take chelating agents such as Slippery Elm, Chlorella, Spirulina or Zeolite powder.
  • Proper hydration of 1-2 liters of water a day is required to facilitate maximum elimination of toxins mobilized by Regulat.
  • In addition, high-water content foods (fruits and vegetables) will support this effect. Take enough rest so that the body has the foundation for healing itself.
  • Use the supplied plastic measure cup, not a metal spoon.
  • Regulat may be diluted with water or organic, red grape juice according to personal taste.
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Vibrant Living Network Features Joel Harper and Regulat

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Show Date has Changed to Nov. 21 – 6-8:00 EST

If you haven’t yet discovered the Vibrant Living Network, now would be a great time to tune in. Glenn Brooks, founder and host of this innovative show about healthy living, will be featuring Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Joel Harper. And since one of Joel’s clients is the world-renowned TV physician Dr. Oz, we’re sure he has an interesting perspective and some dynamic stories to add to the upcoming conversation!

Joel began in the personal fitness industry as a way to stay in shape and fuel his modeling career.  His focus shifted to the fitness side of the business, which has led him to many health products and supplements. Along his journey, he was introduced to Regulat and has become a passionate endorser, using the product himself while recommending to his client base.  He’s looking forward to sharing his experiences and recipes for health when he shares a lively discussion with Glenn Brooks this Tuesday night.

What is the Vibrant Living Network?

The Vibrant Living Network (VLN) is a team of meaningful thought leaders, innovators, contributors, and vibrant hosts who come together to connect with an audience of people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. From whole food nutrition to relational wisdom, vibrant travel, and the maverick path to publishing the VLN team is a visionary media outlet that provides radio, podcast, and video experiences where audiences make a vertical leap together with their host. All vibrant hosts on the network use the principles of Unscripted Speaking to build audience loyalty, forge deeper connections, and create an experience for the audience.

If you’d like to catch Joel and Glenn, you can listen live online at Om Times Radio on Tuesday Nov 14 from 6-8 EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for the live show, it will also be available at the below podcasts:

iHeart Radio






Google Play




The Vibrant Living Network airs a new show every Tuesday night from 6-8:00 EST. Live healthy, tune in and enjoy!


Gut Health Wellness Trend 2016

gut-health-stomach-vegetablesIn 2016 gut health became an increasingly popular topic of discussion throughout the health and wellness world. There is increasing awareness of the value of gut health as it is integral to overall health.

Huffington Post Health Australia published an article last week entitled 6 Things We Learned About Gut Health and the Microbiome in 2016 that sums up this central theme of the year. Because our bodies are populated with a collection of bacteria (aka our “microbiome”), it’s important that we focus on a proper internal balance in order to harness its beneficial abilities.

Researchers are increasingly focused on the influence of bacteria on our bodies. Others suggest that research on bacteria may present the next frontier in modern medicine.

This article summarized six key points about gut health this year:

  1. It is related to weight loss. – “Obese people have less diverse microbiomes than healthy people”. King’s College London professor of Genetic Epidemiology Tim Spector told The Huffington Post Australia we were only beginning to understand why.
  2. It is related to mental health. – “Research from scientists with New York City’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that altering the gut bacteria in a sick person might help alleviate psychiatric conditions.”
  3. It could be related to migraines. – “A study by the University of California San Diego Health Sciences found people who got migraines had significantly more microbes with the ability to break down nitrates in their mouth than the rest of the population.”
  4. It may affect sleep and jet lag. – “Research associate Dr Amy Reynolds told HuffPost Australia sleep was mysteriously linked to diabetes, obesity and other chronic health conditions and answers could be found in the microbiome.”
  5. Early use of antibiotics could permanently affect the microbiome. – “A University of Helsinki study found early use of antibiotics in children could alter the natural population of microbes in a way that left them at higher risk of weight gain and asthma later in childhood.”
  6. It could be used to make medicine. – “Biologists and medical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are reprogramming gut bacteria to act as “living therapeutics” that can correct the metabolic dysfunctions underlying certain ailments.”

For the full article from HuffPost Australia, please visit this link.

For thousands of years people around the world have found that fermenting certain foods in a controlled way increases digestibility of the raw food and adds health-giving effects, thus improving gut health. Taking Regulat® daily may help to improve gut health and overall balance in the microbiome.

Diet and Disease – Broccoli may slow down cancer

121395-400x265-Broccoli_sproutsA recent clinical study done by Oregon State University examined the effect of the sulforaphane found in broccoli on breast tissue found in women diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only was the compound well tolerated by cells, but also it seems to slow down the growth rate of cancer cells, especially in early stages.

Sulforaphane is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and other leafy vegetables. When broken down (e.g. through chewing), the enzymes that aid in the digestive process are said to release anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties into the body.

The findings of this study are the first to directly suggest that diet plays a direct role in cancer management and prevention. Their original goal was to “determine if sulforaphane supplements would be well tolerated and might alter some of the epigenetic mechanisms involved in cancer,” said Emily Ho, one of the professors involved in the study. However, the results of the study revealed much more.

Ho continued by saying that they “were surprised to see a decrease in markers of cell growth, which means these compounds may help slow cancer cell growth…This is very encouraging. Dietary approaches have traditionally been thought to be limited to cancer prevention, but this demonstrated it could help slow the growth of existing tumors.”

The link between diet and disease makes sense. Providing the body with quality food sources allows it to receive naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients that enables it to function efficiently. The human body requires thousands of enzymes each day that aid a broad spectrum of functions, from digestion, to hormone regulation, fat breakdown, detoxification, and more. It can be difficult to obtain this many enzymes from your diet each day, so supplementing properly will help the body regulate the nutrition you give it.

Because of the cascade fermentation process, Regulat® is predigested, similar in bio-availability to the “food essence” produced by a perfectly functioning digestive system. It thus helps to balance and regulate many bodily systems and increases the body’s ability to manage the nutrients you’re giving it.

Our Food is Losing its Muscle – Do Supplements Work?

Supplements are used extensively by people aiming to get more balanced nutrients. As we know, there are many options on the market – vitamins, minerals or herbal products. As their name implies, these are to ‘supplement’ our daily food intake.

The problem with many supplements is that they cannot be absorbed by the body. If the digestive system is weak or not working efficiently, the full value of these supplements may not be absorbed.


Furthermore, if the body is already suffering from low enzyme levels – which is very common today – then even high supplement doses may not be effective as the body doesn’t have the enzymes to metabolize the supplements. Plus, vitamins and trace elements may be sold in a form that is not easily absorbed by the body.

According to the book  ‘The Health Benefits of Cascade Fermented Food’, our food is losing its nutritional value. “Early harvests, long storage periods and additional processing through radiation, heating, sterilization and conservation in today’s food factories cause a huge loss of essential enzymes and other bio-active substances.

Enter Regulat – a concentrated, bioavailable form of unlocked enzymes, proteins, oligopeptides, and antioxidants that the body can use immediately. Regulat’s live cascade fermentation process is similar to the body’s own enzyme cascade process.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 4.20.00 PM


Regulat is a supplement that is a balanced, complete, liquid concentrate of valuable nutrients and ingredients, a concentrate full of ‘life force’. Most importantly, it is easily assimilated, and the body can begin using it immediately. 

Choosing to incorporate Regulat into your daily regimen thus helps create a balanced internal environment, allowing the body to perform its functions more efficiently and better absorb all that you consume. Many recognize the connection between supplements and health benefits; the key is to set up your body for success and help it to absorb those supplements!


More energy for Mind and Body

Many users report feeling much more energetic and having better mental focus after using Regulat®. They often feel invigorated, have perceptibly more physical energy, perform better, and are physically fitter but at the same time feel more relaxed with an inner calm.

Mental stress 2

So although we usually talk about Regulat in terms of health improvements, there also seem to be mental improvements as well.  One study showed that the ability to manage mental stress increased significantly.

A management trainer who works with management leaders, has found impressive results. When participants take Regulat, seminars are more intensive, and participants have more stamina and greater powers of concentration.

A research study actually showed showed that powers of concentration increased by 59%, and the ability to cope with mental stress by 52%. Sleep disorders were reduced by 56%. Most participants felt more relaxed, calmer and more composed, but at the same time better able to do things.  Daytime lows and fatigue lessened. In general, people often seem to sleep deeper and longer and wake more refreshed.  Your family will appreciate this!
The results are likely related to an increase in intracellular ATP, the mean “energy currency” of the cells. One study showed that when taking Regulat, ATP increased by up to 187%.

Enzyme Balance and Regulat®

Since almost all body functions are regulated by enzymes, the absence of healthy enzymes prevents important metabolic processes from taking place efficiently.  Regulat® contains vital building blocks foiStock_000013969302Sr enzyme synthesis and thus helps with enzyme absorption. The highly bio-available ingredients in Regulat® provide greater ability for our bodies to achieve a healthy state of homeostasis or balance.

Homeostasis can be defined as the tendency of an organism or cell to regulate its internal conditions so as to maintain health and functioning, regardless of outside conditions. The organism or cell maintains homeostasis by monitoring its internal conditions and responding appropriately when these conditions deviate from their optimal state. One of the keys to achieving and maintaining homeostasis is a healthy immune system.

In such a state the enzymatic processes involved in metabolism, detoxifying the body, immune system functions and repair are also more baWeighlanced.  When in balance, our body’s immune system is stronger too and research shows that taking Regulat® helps support a healthy immune system.
The body’s principle of life and health is based on regulation and equilibrium.

Why Enzymes are so important for our total health





Since almost all body functions are regulated by enzymes, without enzymes the millions of metabolic processes would not be possible.  Enzymes are biological catalysts. that “are present in all living animal and plant cells. They are the primary motivators of all natural biochemical processes. Life cannot exist without enzymes because they are essential components of every chemical reaction in the body. Three very broad classifications of enzymes are:

  • Food enzymes – occur in raw food and, when present in the diet, begin the process of digestion
  • Digestive enzymes – produced by the body to break food into particles small enough to be carried across the gut wall
  • Metabolic enzymes – produced by the body to perform various complex biochemical reactions[1]

enzymeEnzymes are required for your body to function properly because without enzymes you wouldn’t be able to breathe, swallow, drink, eat, or digest your food. But, as time goes by, you slowly begin to lose this efficiency. As we grow older we begin to lose enzymes…but by supplementing our diet with more enzymes or enzyme material be can become healthier and allow the body to work more efficiently. But, where can we get these??

Regulat®, of course!! Regulat® is an EXCELLENT natural supplement produced through cascade fermentation. This is a process where the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients from organic vegetarian foods are biologically broken down into their health promoting, highly bio-available forms. So the diversity of enzymes is made bio-accessible! The individual enzyme structures now have a smaller molecular size, thus allowing them to be absorbed directly into the blood stream through the oral mucous membrane or even through the skin. It’s like a vast library of material for the body to use as it wishes. Here’s what Regulat® whole food concentrate can provide:abc

  • Improved regulatory systems
  • Enzyme balance
  • Healthy blood environment
  • Better digestion
  • Increased energy
  • Improved metabolism


* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Regulat® -balancing the body’s regulatory system

Did you know that processed foods, stress, lack of exercise, and even age take a toll on our body’s regulatory systems? If you’re looking for a safe, natural, and effective way to restore your body’s natural homeostasis or equilibrium, boost your immune system, maintain a healthy alkaline balance, and detoxify, please bookmark this site and follow our blog.

Studies have shown a broad range of positive effects from taking Regulat® – a concentrated, “predigested” form of enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that is easily and effectively absorbed so the body can utilize it immediately.

Some upcoming topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • What is Cascade Fermentation?
  • Some ingredients in Regulat® and what do they do
  • Topical use of Regulat®
  • Use of Regulat® in animals
  • How does Regulat® work on the different body systems?
  • Can I take Regulat® if I’m allergic to some of the ingredients?
  • Regulat® and the immune system
  • Alkalinity and acidity

and many, many more!

Young woman practicing yoga

The body’s principle of life and health is based on regulation and equilibrium. Learn how Regulat® can help restore and maintain your wholeness and vitality!